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Personalised, one-on-one tutoring for Auckland high school students.

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Our Auckland Tutors

Our Auckland tutors are exceptional teachers and mentors. 

What does Inspiration Education offer Auckland families?

Great matching

We take the time to carefully handpick you a tutor who will meet your individual requirements, goals and personality. 

NCEA knowledge

Our tutors are the most qualified in the country. As recent graduates of NCEA, they know the ins and outs of the system and how to succeed within it. 

Personalised teaching

Our weekly, one-on-one lessons will give your teen the personalised support they’ve been missing out on in the classroom.


Easy set up

With friendly staff, a diverse team of tutors and a reliable system – we can match you with someone within just 2 working days. 

Up-skilling & opportunity.

In weekly lessons, your teen will build the strategies and skills that will earn them University Entrance, Scholarships and employment after high school.

Ongoing communication.

We give our families detailed updates each week, so that you can track exactly how your investment is paying off.

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Our Auckland tutors go above and beyond for their students


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Of our students achieve NCEA with a Merit or Excellence endorsement

The tutoring is great

My daughter is really really happy with her French lessons. I have seen her less anxious and she is enjoying the subject which is really important. Can’t thank you guys enough.

Sneha Sadani


Our tutor was great!

My daughter was struggling with Maths to the point we thought she was going to fail NCEA Maths level 1. We decided to get a tutor, Inspiration Education had been recommended to us. Our tutor Maddy was great, and my daughter started making gains right from the first lesson. We got her exam results yesterday, she passed Maths with a merit. This would not have been possible without Maddy’s help. I recommend Inspiration Education.

Tania Martin


Very highly recommended

I am so pleased with my daughter’s tutoring with Inspiration. Her tutor is wonderful. He has a very kind and pleasant manner and she always understands his teaching sessions. Both the tutor and admin/accounts were extremely helpful when my daughter’s sessions had to be interrupted unexpectedly last year and have provided ongoing support since then. Very highly recommended.

Jenni Eatherley


I would recommend online tutoring to any parent!

My daughter was struggling to achieve in science and due to my work commitments I could not take her to a tutor. She started online tutoring from home with IE and after 10 lesson achieved an excellence in Genetics! Her tutor was like a cool big sister to her and she enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to them each week. I would recommend online tutoring to any parent. My daughter is having weekly Biology tutoring sessions this year and we are so grateful she has the same amazing tutor this year also.

Sue Stewart


Great idea in these uncertain COVID19 times

We live in a rural area and use Inspiration Education online tutoring. This is our second child to use this. Easy to use. Convenient as the times can be flexible if it suits both the student and tutor. My son even used his study periods at school. Just need a laptop and headphones. Definitely recommend using online. Might even be a great idea in these uncertain COVID19 times.

BJ Roche


Tailored to my learning disability

Will tutored me for 5 years (perhaps more). I have ADHD, and for somebody that has difficulty focusing, his teaching style was specifically tuned to my specific needs. I am now perusing a career in medicine, which would have not been possible without Will. Will was more than a tutor, and helped me with techniques e.g. how to study, what to do about procrastination, and he helped me find WHY, which helped motivate me. Also, struggling with mental health was not a problem for Will, as we sat together often making plans, which helped me tremendously. If I could give more than 5 stars, he is the first person I would do this for.

Ana Aburn-Popova


Helped with Dyslexia

Inspiration Education has an incredibly professional staff, which aids in all of their students success. As someone who has Dyslexia, without their tutors, I would not have done nearly as well as I did in high school, let alone gone to University.  I am extremely grateful for all of their efforts, and the level of help they have offered from specific courses to the basics of essay writing, organisational skills and referencing.

Arjun Pole


Reduced my stress levels

I’ve been going to a tutor for a number of months now (Fraser). He has been so helpful in explaining and clarifying the areas that I have needed to catch up on having been out of school for 2 months. He’s really patient and his explanations are so clear, I don’t think I would have been able to catch up on all the material I missed without him. It’s really reduced my stress levels and I’d definitely recommend getting a tutor to anyone who needs some extra help.

Ella Price


From 3 years behind the writing curriculum in Year 9 to English Scholarship in Year 13

I was supported by my tutor (William) for my entire high school experience. I had always struggled academic subjects, English in particular. My English level starting in Year 9 was that of a Year 6. Having William as my tutor not only helped me overcome the challenges I had with these subjects, it gave me the opportunity to excel in them. I finished my school career as an English scholarship student. So I’d say it was pretty worth to be honest.

Brendan King



Our Auckland tutors meet at select Auckland libraries

The location for tutoring is based on tutor availability. Alternate arrangements can be made under special circumstances, however, we find that libraries are the best location for learning

Lessons are 55 minutes long.

Opening Hours

Lessons usually take place between the following times:

Monday – Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5pm

However, we are also able to do other lesson times upon request.

Auckland CBD





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