Uni exams coming up? Take stress out of the picture.

Qualified tutors for University students in Christchurch.


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Our uni exam coaching packages are targeted, personalised and highly effective. 

Streamlined Teaching

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to pass your exams with flying colours. No fluff.

Key Strategies

Master the art of time-management, tackle your own procrastination and manage your exam anxiety.

Performance Advice

Learn insider tips on how the exam will work, and understand how to perform and execute brilliant answers under pressure.

Taught by people who have been in your shoes.

Our tutors are not only trained, qualified and friendly – they also know exactly what you’re going through. All of our tutors are trained and hand-picked by us, and excelled in the very courses you’re sitting. They know the unique challenges of succeeding at University, and how to overcome them.

We have tutors available for the following papers 


Engineering Physics A: Mechanics, Waves, Electromagnetism and Thermal Physics


Engineering Mathematics 2


Mathematical Modelling and Computation


Introduction to Computer Programming



Cellular Biology and Biochemistry


Ecology, Evolution and Conservation


Diversity of Life


Statistics 1


Global Environmental Change


Physical Geography: Earth, Ocean, Atmosphere



Great Works


God, Mind, and Freedom


Philosophy and Human Nature

Targeted Teaching

Our programme is designed to meet your goals, serve your needs, and support your learning. Whether you’re trying to get into your dream Masters programme, or need the credits to meet your Major requirements, we’ll design you a programme that’ll make sure you get there.

Students who have benefited under our programme


Of our students achieve their desired grades

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